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Smooth Wood, Flash Metal

for flute, clarinet, and computer 

Lisa Cella, flute         
E.Michael Richards, clarinet

Computer Music Journal 5.1 DVD anthology
Winter 2009, Vol. 33, No. 4


Released November 2008

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Daniel Koppelman's 2-disc set (CD plus DVD) of music
for piano and electronics is available from Everglade records


Escapement repertoire:

Benjamin Broening, Nocturne/Doubles
    for piano and computer

William Kleinsasser, Quintuple Escapement
    for MIDI controller and computer

Daniel Koppelman, digitalisman
    for piano, MIDI controller and computer

Eric Lyon, Psychic Driving
    for piano and computer

James Mobberley
    Voices: In Memoriam, for piano and computer

Christopher Dobrian
    Unnatural Selection, for Tactex MTC Express and computer

Wayne Peterson, Four Preludes for Solo Piano

"Engaging, intelligent, and unpretentious" -- Keyboard Magazine

Do You Like That?
a dance for the camera

Collaborative work with dancer/choreographer Susan Mann and director Greg Faller
Music in 5.1 surround or stereo format

Released March 2008

To request a copy of the DVD: Link to Download Request

(HO)2 C6H3 - CHOH - CH2NHCH3 (Adrenaline)

for trombone quartet and computer 

Nitzan Haroz, trombone          
Matthew Vaughn, trombone
C. Eric Carlson, trombone
Blair Bollinger, bass trombone
[members of the Philadelphia Orchestra]

On the ICMC 2005 Conference Free Sound Proceedings CD
Released September 2005 on the Ars Harmonica label


Cover art by Pere Freixa

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Cover painting excerpt by Hank DeLeo

Released January 2005 on the Innova Recordings Label

William Kleinsasser

  Of an Expanding Notion
   for seven instruments

    for saxophone, chamber orchestra and computer

   John Sampen, saxophone, 
   University of North Texas NOVA Ensemble
   Paul Rardin, conductor

Joseph Klein

  Occam's Razor
  Der Leichenschleicher

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Available Instruments


Cover art by Stuart Stein
design by Lilli Wessling Hart

Released April 10, 2002 on the C74 Label:

  Available Instruments
   for piano, Disklavier, and computer

   Daniel Koppelman, piano

  Double Concerto
    for viola, cello, chamber orchestra and computer

   Christian Colberg, viola, 
   David Shumway, cello
   Paul Rardin, conductor

Review from +incursion online magazine

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Pathways: New Music for Trombone


  Projected Resonance
   for trombone and computer

    On the CD entitled Pathways: New Music for Trombone
     Andrew Glendening, trombone

   1998 release on Mark Music Co. label 

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Recordings of performances of other compositions can be requested directly.

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